Knowing You’re There Without Being Conscious

No one knows why some people slip into a coma. It could be because of an infection that overtakes the body or an accident that impacts the brain and other parts of the body that control consciousness. Even though you think that someone who is in a coma can’t hear you, they can usually hear everything that is being said around them. The person just can’t respond in the way that you want. You are not considered to be in a coma unless you have been unresponsive for at least six hours. A stroke or head trauma are the leading causes of a coma. Being in a coma doesn’t mean that you can’t move. Many people who are in a coma can move their fingers or toes. They can sometimes blink their eyes if their eyes are open. An infection can set in quickly when someone is in a coma, which makes it harder for the person to wake up from the deep state of unconsciousness. Elaine Esposito holds the record for being in a coma for the longest length of time. She was in a coma for 37 years and 11 months. Unfortunately, she never woke from her state of unconsciousness.