Life in Space: What You Should Know About NASA

Many people dream of one day traveling to outer space. Nothing is more exciting than being able to explore the unknown galaxies of the universe. Here are a few facts you may not know about NASA.

NASA Spacesuits Are Expensive
Just a single NASA spacesuit costs more than the average celebrity mansion. Each one demands an estimated $12 million. Why are spacesuits so expensive? For starters, they must be able to protect astronauts from extreme temperatures. For example, the temperature on the moon can reach -183 degrees Celsius at night. These spacesuits also must be tough enough to withstand collisions with micrometeroids, which are essentially small pieces of rock.

NASA Has Helped Developed Useful Technology
NASA’s main objective is to take space travel to the next level. However, this organization has helped develop a number of great innovations. Just a few of the highlights include memory foam, wireless headsets, portable computers, and artificial limbs. The Super Soaker, which was a popular water gun in the 1990s, was also invented by a NASA scientist named Lonnie Johnson.

NASA Has Sent Animals into Space
Since its early days, NASA has experimented with sending animals into space. Unfortunately, most didn’t survive their trip back home.

Massive Vehicle Assembly Building
Located on the coast of Florida, NASA’s gigantic Vehicle Assembly Building is a stunning structure. Because this building is so tall and massive, rain clouds can actually form near its ceiling on humid days. To solve this problem, engineers were forced to construct a sophisticated A/C system.

Not Everyone Can Become a NASA Astronaut
There are requirements for becoming a NASA astronaut. Not only must you be in extremely good health, but you also must be between 62 and 75 inches tall.