Living The Same Moment Twice

Sometimes, you might feel like you have lived a certain moment in the past. This is called deja vu. While some people believe that the experience occurs because of reincarnation or a past life, others believe that the visions are precognitive dreams that come true. The people who experience deja vu often have experiences about once a year. Stress can often trigger deja vu instead of times of happiness and relaxation. As you age, the experiences of deja vu tend to decrease. If you have a higher educational background, then you’re more likely to experience these feelings of already living in a moment. Those who travel sometimes experience deja vu more than those who tend to live a reserved and quiet life. Sometimes, faces, sights, and sounds can trigger deja vu feelings as the brain tries to process where it has seen or heard these stimuli in the past. Most of the time, the experience feels like a dream that has come true. Deja vu feels like you’ve already lived that moment in your life and it usually happens in the blink of an eye. Some theorists believe that the feeling is due to a parallel universe or a glitch in that moment of time.