Looking Into Space

When you look up at the sky, you might start thinking about the stars and the planets that make up the solar system. While a planet and the moon might seem like large round rocks in space, there’s no clear definition as to what these are. Some believe that they are remnants from when the solar system was created while others believe that asteroids and comets are leftovers from when the solar system was created. All of the planets orbit in the same direction. They are also on the same plane with each other instead of one being on one track and another being on a different track.

The solar system is much larger than anyone could imagine. Even when you look at Neptune and Pluto, you’re still nowhere near the end of the solar system. The sun takes up over 90 percent of the mass in the earth’s solar system. This is an indication as to just how large this star is as it shines down. Although there haven’t been people discovered on other planets, no one has finished searching for other lifeforms. Mars has been at the center of attention for possible life because there has been evidence discovered about water flowing on the planet.

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