Mysteries In “Clue”

One mysterious movie that offers a few laughs along the way is “Clue.” It’s a movie with a group of people who gather together to confront someone who is blackmailing them. People are murdered, and the group tries to figure out who committed the murders. There are some odd things about the movie that you might notice if you pay close attention. Each person arrives at the mansion for the dinner party in a car. Each car is the same color as the last name of the driver. An example is Professor Plum. He drives a dark purple car. Mr. Green drives a green car. There is something about the clothing of each person as well. The colors either match the last name or are the opposite of the last name. Miss White wears black, Professor Plum wears purple, Colonel Mustard wears dark yellow.

When you watch “Clue,” pay attention to the clothing. Most of the women wear form-fitting dresses. Miss Scarlet’s doesn’t sit down in the movie that much because she has a corset under her dress. The corset was tight on her throughout filming. In one scene, she rests against a board while everyone else talks and asks questions.