Part Of Life Is Death

Death is something that everyone will experience at some point. It could be experiencing the death of a family member or friend or your own death. There are a few interesting facts about this part of life that might be surprising to some who think that it’s simply a stage of passing from the human body to a spiritual one. There is no real explanation as to why the body ages and dies or doesn’t live longer than 70 to 90 years depending on the health of the body. Some people who are alive believe that they are actually dead. They believe that they are spirits reincarnated from a previous life and waiting to cross over to another world. Heart disease and cancer are among the leading causes of death in the entire world. However, car accidents claim the lives of people under the age of 30 more than health issues. Roughly 55 million people die every year. That number equates to about eight in 1,000 people or two people every second during the year. Rigor mortis settles into the body about three hours after death. This prevents the fluids in the body from flowing and helps the muscles to contract in place.

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