Seeing Past The Unknown

While there are some people who don’t believe that ghosts exist, there are a few facts about them that might make some take a second look at their beliefs. Children and pets, especially dogs, are more in tune with sensing if there is a spirit in the room. Children will sometimes talk to people who aren’t there. In reality, they are talking to spirits who only they can see and hear. Pets will often stare at one area of the room or make some kind of noise to alert others that something isn’t quite normal.

Ghosts are usually more active at night because the atmosphere is quieter than it is during the day, allowing the ghost to use the energy that is available to try to make contact with the people in the home. Ghosts are usually spirits of people who haven’t realized that they have died. They stay behind to finish some kind of unfinished business or to protect people they love. They usually remain in the same frame of mind and time. When people see ghosts, they usually see them wearing the same clothing that they had on when they died or period clothing, such as colonial attire.