Speed Of Santa Traveling

When you think about Christmas, Santa is often one of the first things you associate with the holiday. Santa is a busy man. He has to reach all of the children in the world in one night. Scientists in the United States have calculated how many houses he likely visits and how long it takes him to visit those homes. It’s estimated that Santa has to stop at 822 homes each second in order to be able to visit all of the homes with children. This might seem like a lot of homes, but you have to consider all of the neighborhoods with houses close together and the speed at which the sleigh travels. The speed calculated is estimated to be around 655 miles a second. This is all in fun, but it is interesting as to how fast someone would have to travel to reach that many homes in one night. It’s also beneficial that Santa can quickly enter homes through chimneys, leave presents, and get out of the house before children wake up to see him. Santa is a busy man who tries to make all of the boys and girls as happy as can be for Christmas.