The Phenomenal Human Body: Interesting Facts about Organ Transplants

Because of great advancements in the medical world, organ transplants are now more successful than ever before. While replacing an organ can give a person a new lease of life, it can also lead to some drastic changes. Here are a few shocking facts you may not know.

Personality Changes
Upon receiving an organ transplant, it’s not uncommon for the recipient to experience undeniable personality changes. They may start to take on certain traits of their donor. This is especially true for around 15 percent of transplant patients. For instance, a person who never had any artistic abilities may miraculously become talented at drawing.

Another example is an unhealthy businessman named Bill Wohl. Although he previously maintained an inactive lifestyle, Bill quickly became infatuated with fitness after receiving a new heart. His donor was an athletic Hollywood stuntman who died in a freak accident. Some scientists contribute this phenomenon to cellular memory. This theory involves the belief that memories and personality traits can be stored in a person’s cells.

Change of Blood Type
After receiving a liver transplant, an Australian girl’s entire immune system was altered. She actually changed blood types, which was identical to that of her donor. This is a testament to how the human body can adapt.