What Really Goes On At Area 51?

Area 51 is a location that holds several secrets that usually aren’t revealed. Some believe it’s a location where the government is storing evidence pertaining to aliens, such as a UFO or an alien itself. The government claims that Area 51 is simply a military base and that it’s used to test nuclear weapons, which is why it’s so highly guarded. In 1947, there were claims that a UFO crashed in Roswell, and Area 51 is where the UFO is now stored, but government officials have tried to say that it was only a weather balloon.

No visitors are allowed on the property at Area 51. Guards work day and not along the perimeter of the property to make sure no one gets past the gates and fences. Aside from aliens and UFOs, Area 51 could be where the moon landing was filmed, which would mean that the entire event of landing on the moon was fake when the government told everyone that it really occurred. Area 51 is known as a military testing base that covers over 5,000 square miles and that has restricted airspace. Until someone discovers a way to get around the guards, this is the only purpose for the area.