What’s Pulling Santa’s Sleigh?

When Thanksgiving dinner is over, many people begin to look forward to what Santa will bring. Santa’s reindeer pull his sleigh. If you’ve seen pictures, watched movies or paid attention to stories, then you know that most of the reindeer are males and have antlers. However, there are a few things that don’t make sense about Santa’s reindeer. Males typically shed their antlers in the winter, which means that they wouldn’t have their antlers in the movies and pictures that you see during the Christmas season. The females keep their antlers. This means that the reindeer, many that have male names and are seen as males, are probably actually females. Santa might have named the female reindeer with male names, but if that’s the case, then he might not be thinking about how other people would perceive the names given. Santa wasn’t supposed to have reindeer at all. Flying warhorses were supposed to be used to pull his sleigh because of the origins of Santa. The first design of Santa was in Germany and related to Odin. He was a Norse God who had a warhorse with eight legs, which is where the idea of eight reindeer came from instead of an animal with an odd shape.