Frightening Nights

While you’re sleeping, there might be occasions when you wake up and feel like you’re out of breath. The images that you see in your dreams are so haunting that they linger for the rest of the night and throughout the day. These are nightmares, and there are a few facts that you should consider about them. There are nightmares that present as premonitions. Sometimes, can indicate a fatality or an injury. Most nightmares are filled with fear and negativity. They usually aren’t the happy dreams that make you want to get back to sleep right away after waking up in the middle of the night. At times, a nightmare could give an indication that something is wrong with your body, such as a tumor or a disease involving the muscles. There are some cultures that believe that if you die in your nightmare then you die in real life. People in the Hmong culture believe that there is a woman who appears in your nightmares who will sit on top of you and drain the breath from your body. Hallucinations and night terrors also follow along with the same lines as a nightmare. A night terror often makes you sit up in bed, finding it difficult to breathe. You might think that there is someone in the room with you or that something has happened outside of your nightmare, such as someone dying.

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