Getting Enough Sleep

Everyone sleeps at some point. There are people who only need a few hours of sleep while others need a full night’s rest so that they are energized and can function the next day. The amount of sleep that you need often depends on your age as infants and children need several hours of sleep each night compared to adults who only need six to eight hours. Many people can take short cat naps during the day and not even realize that they are asleep. Doctors and other medical personnel are the only people who are able to tell if someone is truly asleep by using medical equipment and examining signs that the body gives. You can tell if you are deprived of sleep if it takes less than five minutes to fall asleep. Most people spend up to 15 minutes trying to get to sleep each night as the mind winds down and the body begins to relax. If there are any bright lights in the room that flash in front of the eyes, then they can disrupt your sleep cycle. Your eyes don’t need to be open for this to occur as you can usually detect when lights come on when your eyes are closed.