Odd Things About The Body While Being Asleep

Everyone sleeps at some point. It could be at night like most people, or you could sleep during the day because you can’t find the time at night to go to bed. While sleeping is usually peaceful, there are a few frightening things that take place that you might not know about. The muscles in the body are in a state of paralysis. This means that there is a point while you’re sleeping that you aren’t able to move around while you’re dreaming. It’s only temporary, but there are some people who wake up during this stage of sleep and become frightened because they can’t move. At times, you might feel your body jerk, especially when you begin to drift off to sleep. The body simply tries to catch up with the mind and realizes that it will soon be in a sleep state. Your throat slightly closes while you’re sleeping. If the throat becomes too narrow, then it causes snoring. This means that there isn’t enough air getting through the respiratory system in order for the person to breathe well at night. Sometimes, you might experience a night terror. This is a type of nightmare that is far more detailed and that often results in a greater fear when waking up, but they are generally harmless.