Remembering Your Dreams Or Not

If you’re like most people, then you have a dream every now and then. Some people dream every night. This part of sleeping can be mysterious. You never really know what you’re going to dream about, sometimes not being able to recall the details when you’re awake. Most of the time, you’ll forget around 90 percent of the dreams that you have. You usually forget most of the dream in the first few minutes after you wake up, but there is still a small recollection to let you know that you had a dream. Even though a blind person can’t see, the person can still dream. They even see images in the dream that they might not be able to see when they’re awake. Each person dreams. Children dream, elderly people dream, and babies dream. There isn’t a limit to the age, but the details and the length of the dream can vary by age, gender, and even race. Those who believe that they don’t dream usually don’t realize that they forget the details. If you dream about people, you’ll only see people you know. You might not remember the people you’ve seen, but you have come into contact with them at some point in your life.