Sedated Sleep

If you’ve had surgery, then you know that there is a period of time that you can’t remember. Unless you know beforehand that you’re going to have general anesthesia for the surgery, then you probably received what is known as twilight sedation. This is also called conscious sedation because you’re not fully put under anesthesia. The medication is administered through your IV line. When the medication is given, you begin to feel drowsy. When you go back to the operating room, you usually won’t remember anything that happens until you wake up in the recovery room. This is often a safer alternative instead of putting you under general anesthesia. The medication wears off faster than stronger anesthesia medications do, and you don’t need to be monitored as closely as you would if you were fully put to sleep for surgery. Twilight anesthesia is often used for people who have their wisdom teeth removed or people who are having a minor surgery that takes less than an hour to complete. When twilight anesthesia is used, you won’t need to be ventilated, and there is a decrease in the number of risks that are involved. Recovery time is also decreased, allowing you to go home sooner so that you can begin the recovery process.