Believing In Ghosts

When you’re asleep and feel like someone is watching you, there is a good possibility that there is someone else in the room. However, you might not see this presence because it’s a spirit or a ghost instead of a person. If you have had a ghostly encounter, then you are in good company. Albert Einstein is one of the people who believed in ghosts. He used theories of energy and it not being destroyed to generate reasons as to why ghosts exist. Ever since cell phones have been used, there has been a decrease in the number of ghost sightings. It is believed that the sounds and the lights from phones frighten ghosts away. Many ghosts enjoy hearing people talk and laugh. Ghosts are simply spirits of people who have unfinished business on earth or who don’t know that they have died. They think that they should still be able to communicate with their family members and sometimes don’t understand why no one can see them or interact with them. If you’re trying to attract ghosts in your home, then consider putting a few lemon slices in different rooms. Some people believe that ghosts enjoy the smell of citrus, especially lemons, and are more likely to come around when the scent is present.

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