Haunting Sights

Whether you’ve seen a ghost or you don’t quite believe in them, there are a few facts that make the spirits a bit more interesting. Ghosts can impact you on almost every level. They can impact your mentality, your emotions and how you feel physically. Some believe that ghosts appear at a certain time at night while other people believe that ghosts can be seen at any time as long as they have unfinished business that has been left behind. Objects can be moved by ghosts. These ghosts are called poltergeists. They tend to become agitated and can often become angry if they don’t get what they want. They are known for throwing objects across rooms and sometimes harming the people who are inside the home or business. Ghosts are not usually demonic. Demons fall into another category. A ghost is a spirit of someone who hasn’t crossed over to the other side for some reason or another. The ghost might not want to leave behind family members or might want to ensure that an event occurs in their presence. According to livescience.com, you’ll usually see ghosts in places that have had a large number of deaths, such as a hospital, prison or mental hospitals.