Which 3 Countries Have Won More Winter Olympic Medals Than Summer?

A total of 973 medals were awarded at the 2016 Summer Olympics while 306 are being given to medalists at the 2018 Winter Games. However, despite so many more medaling opportunities during the Summer Games, three countries have won more Winter Olympic medals than Summer.

The first one is perhaps the most obvious, the one that initially comes to mind when Olympic aficionados think of winter powerhouses: Norway. That reputation is well deserved as Norwegian athletes have won more Winter Olympic medals than every other country, even surpassing the United States. In fact, Norway leads all three medal tables entering the 2018 Games with 118 gold, 111 silver and 100 bronze medals.

Austria is the second answer, a response that will probably not surprise those who know about its mountainous terrain and world-class ski industry. Alpine skiing is also a part of the day-to-day culture for many Austrians. For that reason, it should be no surprise that more than half of Austria’s all-time Winter Olympic medal total of 218 has been won by alpine skiers (114). In fact, Austria has more alpine skiing medals than the country has won in every Summer Olympic discipline combined (87).

The third answer is a country that has not experienced a lot of success at the Winter Olympics thanks to its tiny size but has had even less at the Summer Games: Liechtenstein. This tiny principality with a population of just 37,000 is also the only country to have won all of its Olympic medals at the Winter Games. However, its medal haul at the Winter Olympics is impressive given its size as Liechtenstein has laid claim to nine, most recently in 1988 and all in alpine skiing. Liechtenstein does border Austria, after all.

Source: http://www.history.com/news/10-things-you-may-not-know-about-the-winter-olympics