From Bench-warmer to Hall of Famer: Facts About QB Tom Brady

NFL fans recognize Tom Brady as one of the top quarterbacks in football history. He’s helped lead the New England Patriots to a total of six Super Bowl championship titles. Here are some interesting facts about this celebrated athlete.

Tom Wasn’t Always a Star Quarterback
During his early college days at Michigan University, Tom Brady was forced to sit on the bench. This future Hall of Famer rarely received any playing time. In fact, he only tossed a total of 20 passes in his first two seasons. Even when Brady was finally named the starting quarterback, his statistics were just average. However, things would change drastically during Brady’s senior season. He eventually became known as the “comeback kid” by many football fans.

A Healthy, Organic Diet Is His Secret to Longevity
It’s not uncommon for professional football players to have a rather short career. The powerful hits and collisions can take a serious toll on the body. Even In his 40s, Brady continues to dominate the competition. Tom’s ability to play at a high level for so long can be contributed to his healthy diet. It consists of eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are organically grown. Gluten-containing and GMO foods are strictly prohibited. This is a testament to Tom’s relentless will to succeed. When Tom first entered the NFL, pizza was often his go-to meal.

He Was a Highly Touted Baseball Player
Before he excelled on football’s highest level, Tom Brady was an exceptional high school baseball player. Many people forget he was drafted by the Montreal Expos prior to enrolling in college. Scouts raved about his arm strength and impressive catching abilities.