MAGFAST Fingerprint: Secure Charging Made Simple

MAGFAST began as a modest start-up company in 2017. In many ways, the company’s slogan – “changing charging for good” – was a sign of what was to come. They were a collection of like-minded individuals who wanted to revolutionize the charging industry, finally offering consumers a really great wireless charging experience for all of their important and personal devices.

Seymour Segnit, the company’s founder, said that the idea for MAGFAST came about after he spent far too many hours trying to find the types of chargers that he wanted for his family. No manufacturer seemed to offer a product that did exactly what he wanted it to do, so he realized a common truth: “If you want something done right, you’d better do it yourself.” Thus, MAGFAST was born.

The company has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success in a short period of time – so much so that it is now turning its attention toward one of the most pressing issues of the modern age that far too many people aren’t paying nearly enough attention to counterfeiting.


Counterfeiting in the Digital Era

When it comes to chargers and charging cables, counterfeiting is a serious problem. Not only can counterfeit chargers ultimately void the warranty on the precious phone or tablet that you just spent so much money on, but they can also damage your valuable electronics – all while leaving you with little recourse in the end.

This is why MAGFAST is taking a proactive approach to combat counterfeiting. There’s an almost fanatical level of detail that goes into not only the quality of the company’s products but also the spec of all components inside. So the company enrolled in Amazon’s transparency program, which is designed to eliminate as many counterfeit goods from the supply chain as possible, making it easier for consumers to authenticate their products.

Organizational leaders also developed MAGFAST Fingerprint – a unique ID that goes right onto every device that is manufactured by the company. This Fingerprint code is not only unique, but it’s also a one-in-several billion cipher of a fingerprint-shaped QR code that consumers can scan with any smartphone camera or QR app. Once scanned, the user instantly has access to all the information about the product, including authenticity data.


The MAGFAST Fingerprint System: Breaking Things Down

When the ID is scanned, MAGFAST’s secure database confirms that the product in question is authentic. The user will also be provided with detailed manufacturing information about the item they’ve just purchased, letting them know exactly where and when it was made so that they can rest easy knowing that they made the right purchase with their hard-earned money.

Along the same lines, MAGFAST Fingerprint lets people easily lookup service and warranty information, gives them instant access to videos showing exactly how to use their products, and unlocks reams of documentation that go above and beyond to show exactly why MAGFAST offers the best charging devices in the world. The system also includes end-of-life product information that helps recycle appropriately for a greener, cleaner world for us all. Once your device reaches the end of its life, you’ll get detailed instructions on how to safely and cleanly recycle it, keeping harmful materials out of the environment. Users may even get a chance to win free MAGFAST devices after scanning and can make new purchases at a significant discount.

But that’s not all. As a free benefit for MAGFAST device owners, the Fingerprint system also makes it effortless to get a device back in their hands should it become lost or stolen. Every single MAGFAST device that rolls off of the assembly line contains instructions for whoever finds it to follow. All that person has to do is scan the same QR code, and they can easily arrange to return it to the original owner.

As an incentive, the finder receives a reward for doing so – creating a mutually beneficial situation for all involved. But don’t worry – the person who finds your device will never see your personal information. They’ll simply be given a safe, secure method to get in contact with you so that you can arrange a pick-up or drop-off on your own terms.

The MAGFAST Fingerprint system is a positive step toward the next evolution of product security – and it’s one made on top of some of the most innovative and reliable charging devices that have ever been manufactured. It’s also just another in a long line of examples of the company’s commitment to all-around excellence.