What Makes Short-Video Superstar Zynn Stand Out? In-App Features!

What Makes Short-Video Superstar Zynn Stand Out? In-App Features!

Since Zynn’s launch merely a few months ago, the short-video app has been continuously gaining popularity amongst a growing, loyal, and excited fan base. Inherently a social platform, Zynn’s mission of championing authentic content, maximizing creator visibility, and letting diverse voices be heard brought in users looking for an evolved social experience. This commitment to diversity, authenticity, and visibility made countless users flock to the app. Once there, they were greeted with a plethora of easy-to-use in-app features that truly set Zynn apart from the competition.


Thoughtful Design and Layout Features

In order to maintain an unwavering focus on user created videos, Zynn’s design is thoughtfully laid out to maximize visibility and engagement. Videos remain virtually unobstructed, while still providing ample opportunity for swift interaction, engagement, and sharing. Concise and easy-to-recognize icons allow viewers to follow the creator, “like” each video, comment, and share videos without leaving the video. Seamlessly, viewers can also toggle between the “Following” section, which showcases videos from followed accounts, and the “For You” section, which uses an innovative recommendation algorithm to suggest diverse content.


The sleek bottom section of the app features the basic menu, allowing users to return home, easily record videos, and edit their profile. When recording videos, a visual continuity of the previous screens makes it easy to enable effects, add soundtracks, and add filters with the tap of a finger. These design elements allow even the most novice users to expertly navigate Zynn without a hitch, and highlight video content without interruption. Design and layout features enhance Zynn’s commitment to championing user content.


Video Customization Features

Zynn thrives on the concept of self-expression and authenticity, and the app’s extensive customization features and effects make it a breeze to create stunning, fun, meaningful, and expressive videos. After pressing the bright yellow record button, creators are sent to the default front-facing camera screen, along with Zynn’s sleek customization menu. 


Here, creators can switch the camera to rear-facing recording. They can also toggle on a magical “beautifying” effect, which expertly softens facial features without distorting background images. This automated feature is perfect for close-ups, and doesn’t require any editing knowledge to utilize. Users can enable a myriad of colored filters prior to recording their videos. These handy filters evoke a sense of warmth, depth, saturation, or color palette that can instantly change the mood of the video. They are perfect for adding attitude through color, without having to extensively edit the video after completion.


Prior to recording, creators can also add fun “magical effects” to individuals featured in their videos. This intuitive feature transforms individuals into funny characters, magical creatures, and seasonal celebrators with the tap of a finger. Many of these “magical effects” are also interactive, changing effects with the blink of an eye, prompting mini games, or eliciting digital effects with the wave of a hand. These exciting features promote expression, fun, and creativity, and allow creators to transform their image fun ways.


Video Editing Features

After recording a video, creators can expertly edit videos with a few taps, creating Hollywood ready masterpieces. Post-recording, creators instantly see a playback of their recorded video, along with a sleek menu of editing tools. Here, users can add the finishing touches to truly make their videos stand out.


Zynn’s audio features provide the soundtrack to any video. This feature, marked by a musical note icon, allows creators to seamlessly integrate audio into their video. Users can choose from a wide variety of songs, tunes, and sound effects featured in Zynn’s extensive library. For those looking for more individual customization, or to highlight their own music, Zynn recently rolled out the “audio soundtracks” feature. This allows users to upload their own audio clips, original songs, and sound effects, and use these clips in videos. Zynn’s platform finds audio tracks from the user’s music library, rendering audio selection a seamless process. Not only can users upload their own sounds, they can save audio in their library for future use, and share original tracks with the community. To balance audio soundtracks with video noise, post-production editing can also include mixing volume levels for video noise and music.


To add flair to videos, or send a concise message, creators can also layer text on their video. This is especially helpful for callouts, instructions, or other messaging that creators may want to convey. With customization and self-expression at the forefront of consideration, Zynn also enables creators to add fun stickers to their videos. Choosing from a large library of emojis and stickers, creators can instantly add smiling faces, hair bows, and hearts to their videos. They can scale these stickers accordingly, and move them across the screen, allowing for total personalization. These stickers add the final touch to all types of videos.


Sharing and Community Features

After completing their masterpieces, creators are prompted to tap “next”, sending them to post their newly created videos. This easy to navigate section is indicative of Zynn’s dedication to community interaction, sharing, and visibility. By allowing creators to seamlessly and instantaneously share their videos in a multitude of ways, Zynn champions the art of sharing.


Zynn recently launched a “hashtags” feature, which will allow creators to categorize their videos in similar ways to other social platforms. By tapping on the hashtags section, creators can type in relevant hashtags, aimed at making their videos more visible. Additionally, this also brings up trending and hot hashtags, making it easier for creators to go viral, or have their videos seen by others looking for trending content.


In a truly collaborative and integrative manner, Zynn allows creators to simultaneously post their video to the platform, save their completed video to their device, and share their video to Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. This allows creators to maximize the output of their videos without having to manually upload them to various apps, and to take advantage of Zynn’s leading in-app features when creating videos.


For viewers looking to find new content, Zynn’s newly launched search capability allows users to search for videos by relevant topic. This allows users looking to broaden their horizons to search for videos based on category, content, or even emotion. It also allows users to easily find videos based on the creator’s name, profile information, or other useful tidbits. For all short-video platform users that want to show their friends a hilarious video they watched a couple of days ago but forgot to save, this feature is all too important. 


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While Zynn’s mission statement and focus on diversity is a leading contributor to the app’s swift success, Zynn’s extensive in-app features make it a fan favorite amongst users. From comprehensive personalization and customization options, to easy-to-use editing tools, Zynn’s features make it easier than ever to create high quality videos. The app’s intuitive and sleek design champions the focus on high resolution video output, rendering viewing a truly immersive experience. Simultaneously, the thoughtful design makes it easy to interact with videos without losing focus on the content itself. This effective marriage of functionality and style makes Zynn the leading short-video platform on the market.