Before You Stay In A Hotel

When the summer season arrives and kids are out of school, more people go on vacation and stay in hotels. There are a few facts about the housekeeping services at many hotels across the country that you should keep in mind before choosing your room. About 50 percent of guests leave after staying for one night. These rooms take about 30 minutes to clean since the guest was only there for a short time. If there are guests staying longer than one night or who are staying for an extended period of time, then the rooms don’t get as much attention. This means that it’s often best to find a hotel room where someone has only stayed one night or two because it will usually be a bit cleaner. Housekeepers usually don’t have to deal with the guests unless there are people in the rooms that need towels or other items. The front desk workers are the people who interact the most with the guests, even after everyone is checked in because there’s usually always someone available in the office. The fresh sheets that you sleep on after your room is cleaned in the morning usually aren’t all that clean. As long as there aren’t stains on them and they don’t show any dirt, then the housekeepers will pull the sheets up and tidy them to make it appear as though they have been changed.