Which country has a single-colored flag?

All country’s flags have got an emblem, a sign or multiple colors on them and there’s only one country, which has a single-colored flag. It is the Libyan flag.

The Libyan Flag was officially adopted on November 11, 1977. It is the only flag in the whole world with just one single color. There are no designs, insignias or other details on the flag of Libya . The flag of the independent kingdom was red, black, and green with a crescent and star in the center, but after the revolution of 1969, the flag became three simple stripes of red, white, and black.

In 1971, Libya joined the Federation of Arab Republics with Egypt and Syria, which used a similar flag with a hawk emblem in the center and the name of the country beneath it. When Libya left the Federation in 1977, the new plain green flag was adopted.

Green in the flag is said to reflect the people’s devotion to Islam. It is also the national color of Libya. The green color also stands for Gaddafi’s “Green Revolution”.