Special Report: Cancer Treatment Centers of America Joins the NFL to Raise Awareness About Prostate Cancer Screenings

**UPDATE**11.16.2017 Learn more about Cancer Treatment Centers of America and their work, here.

Prostate cancer is quite common and strikes more than 160,000 men each year. In fact, one-in-seven males will be diagnosed with this affliction. If discovered early, the prognosis is very good. This is why it is essential for men to be screened. To heighten awareness of the condition and the advantages that come from early detection, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and the National Football League Alumni Association are joining forces with LabCorp to provide education about the condition and better access to screenings.

Who Should Be Tested?

Medical experts advise that men who are at high risk for developing prostate cancer should be screened by age 40. This group includes African-American men and individuals with a family history of the condition. Since prostate cancer may bring little or no symptoms, it is vital to understand who is more likely to contract the condition.

Where to be Tested

Through October 15, the first 2,000 men who meet eligibility requirements are able to enlist for a free screening at any one of LabCorp’s 1,750 locations. After the 2,000 spots have been filled, eligible men are still able to schedule a test at a lower price. Screenings must be completed within six months of signing up. The large number of testing locations makes it simple and convenient for men to become screened.

CTCA/NFL Campaign

On August 30, 2017, a press conference was held in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. NFL head coach Herm Edwards joined players like Jon Runyan, Beasly Reece, and Mike Quick to discuss prostate cancer and the importance of screenings. Quick was personally touched by prostate cancer. His father battled the disease for many years. Edwards explained that numerous friends and colleagues suffered with this type of cancer as well. Lamar Hunt, former owner if the Kansas City Chiefs, lost his fight. To prevent further deaths and to increase awareness of the importance of screening, the NFL has joined Cancer Treatment Centers of America to spread the message. Multiple public service announcements are planned to air across the country throughout September. This is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Also, various events are planned in a few cities that house Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospitals.

What Do Screening Results Mean?

Sean Cavanaugh, Chief of Radiation Oncology at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, explains that testing is the first wave of defense against this type of cancer. The latest campaign gets the word out to men in all segments of the population. Thanks to the recognizable faces and wide platform of the NFL, more men are sure to pay attention to the importance of screening for prostate cancer, the latest advancements involved with screenings, and various treatment options.

When a man is tested and receives PSA results that fall outside of the normal range, it is vital to seek further medical advice. This number does not represent a cancer diagnosis, but it may indicate a heightened risk for cancer.

Learning More about the Screening Partners

  • NFL Alumni Association. This group includes former players, coaches, and affiliates of the NFL. Its mission is to serve, help, and educate former players and their relatives. It provides a multitude of financial, medical, and social support.
  • LabCorp. This company is involved with global life services and guides patient care and offers laboratory and drug development services. It uses the latest technologies and innovations to heighten the delivery of care to patients.
  • Cancer Treatment Centers of America. This national network of hospitals provides services to patients who are dealing with cancer. It offers integrative solutions for care and combines top advancements in genomic testing and personalized treatment plans. It provides patients with physical and emotional care that increases their quality of life. Its five hospitals are located in Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Tulsa, and Phoenix. Each receives top reviews for its approach to cancer care.

All three partners are proud to work together and heighten awareness of prostate cancer and to offer free or low-cost testing. The latest campaign aims to increase the health and well-being of men across the nation. Receiving a screening will help a man become informed and understand the best treatment options available.