Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa Celebrate 1 year on ‘LIVE!’

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest have been friends for over 15 years but their relationship turned to co-workers last year when Seacrest joined Ripa as host of LIVE With Kelly and Ryan. When reflecting on choosing to join the show last year, Seacrest stated, “It is the best decision of my life.” The two are definitely longtime friends in their mannerisms and how they can easily carry on a conversation.

Each morning the show is broadcasted live across America and the two stated that they are always so excited to get to catch up with each other. Ripa stated, “We wake up in the middle of the night and text each other like, oh my gosh, did you see this crazy story in the news?” The chemistry that both Ripa and Seacrest show just when giving an interview together is amazing. Their answers and mannerisms show how close of a friendship that they both have.

While reflecting back on the past year together Ripa stated, “It feels like he got here three days ago and we’re already celebrating a year.” Ripa has been the host of LIVE since 2001 and has stayed with the show despite the many co-hosts along the way. She started with long time host Regis Philbin who retired from the show in 2011. Michael Strahan then stepped in as co-host of the show until he moved on in 2016. Ripa hosted the show herself as well with substitute co-hosts until Ryan Seacrest arrived in 2017.

Seacrest has done many other things throughout his career and is most notable for this long time hosting of American Idol. The show was recently relaunched on ABC and Seacrest has successfully hosted 16 seasons of the show that tries to find America’s next pop singer. Idol is taped in Los Angeles, California while LIVE is done in New York. The interesting thing is that Idol airs Sunday nights giving Seacrest only a few hours to make it from the West to East Coast. Every Sunday night Seacrest makes the 6 hour flight back from LA to New York in order to make it on time to be on LIVE early Monday morning. Throw in a 3 hour time change and it is a tight schedule every week for Seacrest.

Seacrest also does a daily radio show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, that has been a hit. The radio show is broadcasted in LA and also syndicated to over 130 radio stations nationwide. In order to fulfill all of his duties, a Manhattan radio studio was built for Seacrest to use on a daily basis.

During the 1 year anniversary show for LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, both co-hosts joined together on a couch in order to go over the past year of the show. One of Seacrest’s top moments included walking by the show’s security and asking if this was the line to get into the LIVE with Kelly and Ryan show. Nelson, the security guard, told him it was the line and didn’t recognize him. Seacrest stated, “I found it especially funny that it was our security”.

Other great moments from the show include lots of dancing with guests along with creating a family environment between these two great friends. Ryan’s mom has been featured on the show a few times while helping Ryan cook. The duo also called Ryan’s mom live on the air which has provided a lot of comic relief with Ryan’s mom wanting to talk to Kelly more than she wants to talk with Ryan. The pair also traveled to do the show at Niagara Falls and Paradise Island in the Bahamas this past year which is always fun.

The co-hosts interviewed each other during their anniversary show and Seacrest told Ripa that he wanted to be a chef before breaking into radio. Ripa stated, “I wanted to be a ballet dancer…the one thing that I did not want to do in my life was I did not, did not, want to work on live TV.” Seacrest asked Ripa how that was going for her and she told him, “I’ve just pretended for the past 18 years that no one else is there except for you, and him (pointing to Gilman).” The best show of the year is the Halloween show and this past year was no different as the co-hosts switched places as well as had many other costume changes.

There have been a few mishaps this year and the anniversary show ended with all of the bloopers from the show this past year. It is obvious that these two have a lot of fun together and there is never a dull moment while on set. The future is bright for these friends who now work together on set as their chemistry will take them far on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan.