“Bob’s Burgers” TV Show Originally Featured Cannibals

Bob’s Burgers, an animated sitcom for adult audiences, has been a fan favorite since its premiere on 2011. The series focuses on the Belchers, a quirky family who run a small-time burger joint, and the family’s various run-ins with a colorful cast of locals.

What fans may not know about the story is that its final form is a little bit different than what creator Loren Bouchard first pitched to Fox. Originally, Bouchard intended for the show to feature a family of cannibals.

Drawing inspiration from Sweeney Todd, Bouchard envisioned a family-owned restaurant that served up human meat in every burger. Despite this dark edge, most of the rest of the premise was identical, including the surprisingly wholesome family dynamics and lighthearted hijinks featured in each episode.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Fox decided against the cannibal angle but otherwise accepted Bouchard’s pitch, making just one other big change: The fan-favorite character Tina was introduced to replace what would otherwise have been a second son for the Belchers. Since the family’s voice actors were already cast by this time, Dan Mintz stayed on board to provide the voice acting for awkward and pubescent Tina Belcher. Tina’s character would go on to be further developed in part by this acting choice.