Fun And Adventure In Medicine

The television drama series “ER” is about a group of doctors who work together to save the lives of patients of all backgrounds. There are several storylines in the series, leaving the viewer mesmerized by the actions that take place on the screen. Noah Wyle played John Carter on the show. He did just about everything he could to be the best actor possible, including acting while he had mono and while he had a temperature of 104 degrees. A medical team on the set had to give him IV fluids before an episode or two because he was hallucinating. He put the saline bags in his pockets so that he would be able to act in the episode.

Noah Wyle went to Africa for a few episodes and had to treat one of the medics who was dehydrated. He learned how to administer an IV and connect a saline bag because of being on the television show. The cast sometimes played with the fake babies. George Clooney would often toss one of the more expensive babies around like a ball. There were actors who asked the producers or who were asked by the producers to be killed off so that they could pursue other careers and to end the character’s life in a respectful manner, such as Anthony Edwards and Kellie Martin.