Fun Cast Details Of “ER”

“ER” was a popular medical drama on television in the 1990s. The show started as a movie script that Michael Crichton wanted to take to the big screen. Crichton was a medical student and based character John Carter off of his own life. Although George Clooney was a hit on the show, he had to beg for an audition. Carol Hathaway wasn’t supposed to live past the first episode. She was supposed to die after a suicide attempt. However, the audience fell in love with her character, so the producers made her one of the leading roles in the show until she left in the sixth season. The first episode of “ER” was filmed in an abandoned hospital because the set wasn’t ready for production yet. Claims of the hospital being haunted have circulated, but nothing has been definitively released about whether there are any spirits wandering the halls. The cast members traveled to Chicago to take pictures and film video content for the show so that they could be seen in Chicago during certain scenes. Some of the scenes that the cast members had to act in weren’t even written as a script yet. They were only told of a feeling that they had to portray.