Mama’s Secrets

Thelma Harper is the mother in the popular television series “Mama’s Family.” The show is about the spunky mother who takes care of her son, his wife, and her grandson. If you pay attention to what the characters wear in the show, you’ll see that each person has a favorite color throughout the series. Mama wears a lot of blue and purple, Vint wears sandalwood, Naomi wears yellow, and Bubba wears green. Even though there is an episode that begins the series, there isn’t an official pilot. After the second season, the show was canceled. About three years later, it was picked up again in syndication. However, Naomi’s appearance changed, and Iola was introduced to the screen. The first seasons featured a different house and letters in different colors than the later seasons. Mama’s family lives in Raytown, but no one really knows where the city is located. There has been some speculation from hints that have been offered, but there is no clear state recognized during the show. Thelma appeared on a few game shows, including “Jeopardy” and “Family Feud.” When you’re humming along to the theme song, you might be tempted to sing along. There’s a reason for singing. The original song has lyrics, but they were never included in the series.