Rubbish Clearance Hazards Everyone Should be Aware Of


Proper rubbish clearance requires a strategic approach, precision and a considerable amount of care. Clearabee’s rubbish clearance crew carefully analyzes each client’s items for removal prior to hauling them away. We develop a strategy for green rubbish clearance that allows for disposal in a safe and speedy manner. Though we take just about any type of rubbish, there are some potentially hazardous items that pose a threat to human beings, wildlife and the planet. Certain items should not be placed in landfills as they will eventually infiltrate the soil, water and threaten all living beings. Let’s take a look at a few tips to ensure your rubbish clearance is performed in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner.

Chemical Waste

If you have chemical waste in your basement, shed, garage or other area, you must take great care when handling it. This is not the type of undesired item you can simply drop in your trash bag, tie it up and expect it to be hauled away without posing a threat to people or the environment. Most landfills do not permit the dumping of chemical waste. The rubbish clearance of these items must be performed with caution. Do some research to determine the types of chemicals you can legally place in dumpsters. Do not hesitate to contact our rubbish clearance team for assistance. We provide advice regarding the elimination of chemical waste like pesticides, transmission fluid, oil engine fluid etc.

Though many chemicals do not pose a major threat in small quantities, they can lead to considerable damage when they are combined with other chemicals. The last thing our deteriorating planet needs is a toxic stew of such chemicals in our already-overflowing landfills. If people haphazardly dispose of chemical waste in such a manner, those chemicals will eventually seep into the earth and cause irreversible harm.

Pay Particular Attention to Household and Beauty Care Products 

Household cleaners, especially the lead-based variety, medicines and beauty products all pose a serious threat to our environment. Think twice before placing these products in your kitchen or bathroom trash bag. The chemicals within these products are a serious threat to the planet as well as the well-being of those who haul your rubbish from your home to recycling sites, landfills and other spaces.

Too many people are flushing hazardous liquids down the sink, toilet or drain. If these fluids are allowed to move through the sewage system, they will inevitably reach treatment plants where they can’t be processed. Such sites are not equipped with the technology necessary to handle such waste. Nor should you dump these harmful liquids down storm drains or other isolated areas. The liquids will eventually reach the waterways we depend on for water for hydration, bathing, cleaning etc.

Paint Removal

Nearly every home and business in the United Kingdom has a bucket or two of extra paint in the garage, closet, basement or attic. It is certainly quite tempting to discard such aged paint by tossing them in the dumpster. Some even consider pouring old paint right on down water drains. However, such a haphazard removal of paint poisons our environment as well as people and animals. Paint is loaded with dangerous oils and chemicals that make water unusable.


Batteries are built with cadmium, lead and numerous other poisonous chemicals. These chemicals are harmful to the earth in large doses. A single battery itself does not pose a major threat to the soil or groundwater yet when several batteries are discarded or if their chemicals mix with other toxic chemicals, the total negative impact is quite meaningful.

Though you might have read that today’s batteries have little mercury compared to those of yesteryear, the other chemicals in batteries are still dangerous. So don’t place your batteries in dumpsters. Nor should you place electronics in which batteries are used in the dumpster. Lean on Clearabee for environmentally-friendly rubbish clearance. Let us know you have batteries that need to be disposed of and we will make sure they are handled in the proper manner.

Removal of Electronics

Old and broken electronic devices are piling up in landfills across the planet. This is a disaster in the making as such devices have dangerous chemicals like those used in batteries. It is imperative that these items are re-used rather than dumped in landfills. Clearabee is here to help. Our green rubbish clearance team will help you recycle as many parts of those old and broken electronic devices as possible. We dispose of the remnants in as green of a manner as possible.

We would be remiss to avoid mentioning that the failure to properly dispose of the waste described above will also take a chunk out of your pocketbook. If waste is discarded in a haphazard manner, landfills and surrounding spaces will be compromised across posterity. Taxes will inevitably rise to rectify these sites and maintain the integrity of the land and water surrounding us.

Extraordinarily Heavy Materials

If you would like to get rid of extra bulky items like concrete, asphalt, bricks, mortar or automobile tires, do not simply put them in the dumpster. These extra large items pose a threat to employees as well as the integrity of the dumpster itself. Let us know if you have such bulky items. We will analyze your haul and determine the best approach to ensure your items are removed in a manner that is safe for our rubbish clearance team and landfill workers.

Do Your Part to Preserve Our Planet

Most people are shocked to learn that about 15 percent of items disposed in any given year are of the hazardous variety. This statistic rings especially true when one takes a close look at local rivers, canals, lakes and other spaces that have been tarnished by improper waste removal. It is our duty to take care of our living space. If humanity continues its wasteful ways, our beautiful planet will eventually be tarnished to the point that its water, soil and air is poisoned. Follow the advice set forth above and you will do your part to protect our environment, wildlife and future generations of humanity.

When in Doubt, Reach out to Clearabee’s Rubbish Clearance Experts for Assistance

If you are ever “on the fence” as to how an item should be disposed, contact Clearabee for advice from our team of junk removal specialists. Give us a call by dialing 0330 088 1000.