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Safe and Gentle Remedies from Hyland’s Baby

 When it comes to your little one, you want what’s best. This is why many parents are turning to homeopathic medicine to provide their babies with relief from common childhood ailments without the long list of scary side effects often found in conventional medicine. Hyland’s has a long history of providing homeopathic care for little ones, and the Hyland’s Baby line provides gentle care for little hurts. You don’t want to put your baby’s care in just anyone’s hands, and Hyland’s Baby is proud to provide safe medicine free from many of the common side effects.

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Here are the gentle remedies that Hyland’s Baby provides for your family to provide potential relief for symptoms such as the cold, flu, gum pain, and oral irritation.*


Tiny Cold Tablets


When your baby has a cold, you want a safe and gentle cold medicine that will help relieve their symptoms. Hyland’s Baby Tiny Cold Tablets provide a natural relief from runny nose, congestion, and sneezing in a quick-dissolve tablet that is easy for your child to take. Give your baby relief from their symptoms without the worry. Tiny Cold Tablets can help your baby feel better without the scary side effects of other common medications.


Mucus and Cold Relief


When your baby is stuffed up, it is miserable for all present. Hyland’s Baby Mucus and Cold Relief bring safe and natural relief to the mucus traffic jam. This formula clears nasal passages so your baby can breathe easy. The homeopathic remedy loosens mucus and provides natural relief from congestion, runny nose, and cough.


Nighttime Tiny Cold Tablets


Night poses its own challenges when your little one is sick with a cold. When you need to provide a special kind of relief that will let your baby get the rest he or she needs to get better, look no further than Hyland’s Baby. Nighttime Tiny Cold Tablets provide safe relief and promote the rest that your baby needs when they are fighting a cold. This nighttime formula from Hyland’s Baby not only provides relief from a runny nose and congestion but also helps calm your baby and encourage sleep. Plus, it comes in the same quick-dissolve tablet form as the daytime formula to make it easy for your baby to take.


Nighttime Mucus and Cold Relief


Nothing keeps a baby awake and miserable like sinus congestion. When your baby is not sleeping, neither are you. But just because you need relief fast does not mean that you want to expose your child to the potential side effects of conventional medicine. Thankfully, there is another option.

Nighttime Mucus and Cold Relief adds the power of mucus and cold relief with calming properties to help get your baby fall asleep. When you need a safe medicine that will also help with a good night’s sleep, Hyland’s Baby Nighttime Cold and Mucus can give your baby the relief they need.


Oral Pain Relief Tablets


Nothing pains a parent more than seeing their baby in pain. If you need relief for your baby without additives or a long list of side effects, Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets are a safe and gentle medicine to help get your baby back to their happy self. This homeopathic remedy provides relief from oral discomfort, irritation, and gum pain, while soothing sore and swollen gums.

Hyland’s Baby’s specialized quick-dissolving tablets mean that it is easy for your baby to take when they need it most. This formula contains no benzocaine, belladonna, parabens, or artificial flavors or dyes.

Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets, launched in 2018, is a product that is not intended to replace the discontinued Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets. Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets aimed to treat a much more narrow range of symptoms to aid in the teething process. While the product can assist with pain associated with oral pain, the new Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets work to assist a wider symptom set including gum pain from swelling, sores, and overall discomfort.

Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets were discontinued in 2016 and later recalled in 2017 at the request of the FDA, which had concerns due to a labeling issue and the presence of a small amount of belladonna. Hyland’s, however, stands behind the safety of its products. During testing, neither Hyland’s nor the FDA found any unsafe amounts of the homeopathically-treated belladonna in its products. However, Hyland’s heard the FDA’s concerns and agreed not to include this homeopathic active ingredient in any of its new products, including the Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets.


Nighttime Oral Pain Relief Tablets


Oral pain does not stop at bedtime, so your baby’s pain reliever shouldn’t either. Oral pain can keep your infant up at night, which adds to their discomfort and irritability. Hyland’s Baby Nighttime Oral Pain Relief Tablets bring the safe and gentle relief of the daytime formula with added comfort to get your baby to relax and sleep. If your baby is experiencing oral pain or other oral discomforts, this medication will help soothe your baby in easy-to-administer, quick-dissolve tablets.

Colic Relief


Although colic typically only lasts for the first four or so months of a baby’s life, it is an experience no parent forgets. Most parents have tried every conventional approach to colic with no avail and are desperate for an answer. Homeopathic medicine can provide safe relief from the gas pain and irritability that makes colic so miserable for babies. Hyland’s Baby Colic Relief is a gentle and natural formula that can help soothe and calm your baby and provide you both with welcome relief.


Nighttime Tiny Cold Syrup


When your baby has a cold, the last thing he or she needs is a sleepless night. Make sure that your baby gets the sleep they need to heal with homeopathic medicine. Hyland’s Baby Nighttime Tiny Cold Syrup brings your baby safe relief from congestion and runny nose with its gentle formula. Naturally flavored and free from the side effects of most cough syrup, Tiny Cold Syrup is the answer for parents who want natural relief and a good night’s sleep for their child.


Cough Syrup


No matter what kind of cough your baby has, Hyland’s Baby has you covered. The company’s homeopathic cough syrup is perfect for any baby over six months of age. The conventional bottle of cough syrup is full of ingredients considered unsafe for babies, additives, and a long list of potential side effects. Hyland’s Baby Cough Syrup, on the other hand, is naturally sweetened and free of side effects. This homeopathic cough syrup will relieve your little one of their cough and provide soothing relief.


Infant Earache Drops


When your baby is unhappy, you are miserable. Hyland’s Baby Earache Drops can bring your baby welcome relief from their ear pain and irritation. Once your pediatrician has diagnosed your baby’s ear pain, homeopathic medicine can relieve the pain.


Vitamin C Tablets


Getting children the nutrition their growing bodies need can be a struggle for many parents. Vitamin C is essential for proper growth and development, as well as strengthening your little one’s immune system. Make sure that your baby or toddler stays healthy with Vitamin C tablets. Many conventional vitamins contain questionable fillers, additives, and ingredients that parents may want to avoid. Hyland’s Baby Vitamin C tablets are dye- and paraben-free with a natural lemon-flavored, quick-dissolve tablet that children love.

These Vitamin C tablets contain the right amount of Vitamin C that will keep your baby or toddler strong. One serving provides 71 percent of their daily value of Vitamin C under age one and 63 percent of the recommended daily value for toddlers between the ages of one and three.


Diaper Ointment


Keep your baby’s bottom soft and smooth with the right ointment. Hyland’s Baby Diaper Ointment will keep your baby’s bottom dry and soft without relying on questionable ingredients on your baby’s sensitive skin. This diaper ointment brings fast relief to diaper rashes and skin irritations. The homeopathic formula also protects your little one from future diaper rashes.


Calming Tablets


Sometimes, no matter what a parent does, babies still get fussy. It can be frustrating and disheartening for a parent not to know what is wrong, but there is no need to despair. Hyland’s Baby Calming Tablets offer the perfect solution for a fussy baby, even if there is no obvious reason why they are fussy. For many babies, it is simply them adjusting to life outside of the womb. This medication relieves occasional sleeplessness, fussiness, and irritability that comes with adjusting to a whole new world. Homeopathic medicine offers a safe and gentle remedy to soothe baby when Mom and Dad are at a loss.


Gas Drops


Some babies experience pain and discomfort during normal newborn gas. Bring them relief with Hyland’s Baby Gas Drops. These natural grape-flavored drops provide a safe and gentle remedy derived from natural active ingredients. If your baby experiences the discomfort caused by a tummy full of gas, provide them with natural relief from homeopathic methods in an easy-to-administer drop.


Comfort Chamomilla Tablets


Sleep regression may be a normal part of development for babies, but it can make the whole family miserable. Hyland’s Baby Comfort Chamomilla Tablets can bring welcome relief from your baby’s occasional sleeplessness, fussiness, and irritability that are all a part of sleep regression. Made of just the homeopathic ingredient chamomilla, these tablets are free of artificial flavors, dyes, parabens, and the potential side effects that are often found in conventional medicine.


Bumps and Bruises Arnica Tablets


When your little one gets the typical bumps and bruises of babyhood, reach for a natural alternative for pain relief and quick healing. Made with the natural active ingredient arnica Montana, you can soothe your infant without artificial dyes, flavors, or parabens in an easy-to-administer, quick-dissolve tablet. Falls, bumps, and bruises are a natural part of growing up, but it does not have to be as painful with the right homeopathic solution. Hyland’s Baby Bumps and Bruises Arnica Tablets makes sure that your baby is back at it as soon as possible after a small injury.



*Claims for Hyland’s products are based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. They are not FDA evaluated.

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