The Ship Some Said Couldn’t Sink

Titanic is known as one of the grandest ships to set sail on the ocean. It’s also known for striking an iceberg and sinking. It took about $7 million to build the ship. The movie about the Titanic had a budget of about $200 million. Over 3,000 people helped in building the ship that stretched over 880 feet in length. When you look at the ship, you see four smokestacks. However, only three of them actually worked. To make the smokestacks look proportionate, designers kept all four instead of removing the one that didn’t work. Although hundreds of people were projected to be on board the ship, there were only 20 lifeboats. When asked why there were so few to support the number of people who could be on the ship if it was full, designers offered the idea that multiple lifeboats close together would make the ship look too crowded and that since the ship was made of strong materials, there likely wouldn’t be a reason to use them anyway. There is no exact report as to the number of people who died after the sinking of the ship. Some of the passengers weren’t accounted for when they boarded while others gave fake names, which is why no one really knows how many people were even on the ship when it set sail.