Snow Woman In Guinness Record Book

One of the things that you might think about at Christmas is snow. Some areas see snow while others are balmy and humid. For those who do see a white Christmas, a fun thing to do is build a snowman. There are have been a few snowmen built that stand several feet tall. However, a group of people who live in Bethel, MN, built a woman made of snow that was over 122 feet tall. It took over a month to build the woman, but the work paid off because they are now in the “Guinness Book Of World Records.”

The residents used about 13 million pounds of snow making the snow woman. When the woman was completed, she was almost as tall as the Statue of Liberty. Skis were used to make her eyelashes, and it took quite a bit of material to make a fleece hat 48 feet wide. Her nose was made from chicken wire, and her lips were made from red snow tires. It took ladders and trucks to reach the top of the snow woman to complete her and to decorate her before residents took a picture and submitted it to the Guinness team to see if they reached a record.