Big Bad Bear: Intriguing Facts About Grizzlies

Grizzly bears are considered to be among the most powerful animals in North America. However, they’re more than just massive beasts. Here are some interesting facts about grizzlies.

Grizzlies Are Intelligent Enough to Evade Hunters
Unfortunately, grizzly bears can be hunted for sport in some areas. The good news is that grizzlies have a knack for evading poachers. These intelligent bears are clever enough to actually cover their tracks. Studies have also proven that grizzlies will quietly follow hunters in hopes of snagging a carcass. Most people are completely unaware of their presence.

They Breed With Polar Bears
Contrary to popular belief, grizzlies and polar bears are not big enemies. In fact, they’re known to mate in parts of Canada and Alaska. “Grolar bears” are the result of this cross-breeding. While polar bears typically prefer to stay close to the frozen tundra, climate change has caused them to move closer inland.

These Bears Are Fast
Don’t judge a grizzly bear’s athletic abilities on its large size. Although male grizzlies can easily weigh more than 700 pounds, they have no trouble accelerating to catch up with prey. These muscle-bound bears can reach speeds of 35 mph. Grizzlies can also maintain a fast speed for up to two miles.

Grizzlies Have a Strong Sense of Smell
In comparison to some other animals, grizzlies don’t have the best eyesight. To spot intruders and locate meals, these bears must rely on their keen sense of smell. When there’s a strong breeze, they can smell food that’s 20 miles away.