Interesting Facts About Music

The music realm is inherently interesting, but there’s much more than meets the eye. Here are some tidbits of information that most music buffs aren’t privy to.

A study conducted by the National Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology found that classical music can make plants grow faster. Mi-Jeong Jeong, the leading researcher who monitored gene expression, concluded that plants possess genes that allow them to hear. These genes responded positively to classical music, which led to the final verdict of this unorthodox experiment. Music also has a substantial impact on people. Nearly 12 years ago, researchers discovered that bar patrons consume more alcohol when the music is louder.

Similar to sex and eating, listening to music triggers the brain to release dopamine. With that said, the psychological effects of music bode well for optimal mental health. Equally fascinating is a statistic from 2016. Though Mozart is a composer from the 18th century, he sold more CDs than Beyonce just four years ago. Just as beloved as Beyonce are the Beatles. While they were wildly successful, this esteemed rock band didn’t know how to read or write music.

For over three decades, music was an Olympic event. This field fell under the art competition category. It ceased in 1954 because artists were considered professionals, and only amateurs are allowed to partake in the Olympics. Much like the Olympics, Metallica holds widespread appeal. This heavy metal band is the only one to have performed on all seven continents.

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