New “Halloween” Brings Back Memories Of The Original Movie

With Jamie Lee Curtis on board for at least one more “Halloween” to be released in 2020, it has sparked questions about the story behind the masked serial killer behind the movies. The mask that was used in the original movie was a Captain Kirk mask. It was only $1 in a department store. Makeup artists were able to paint the mask white, remove a few details, and stretch it so that it had a blank appearance and one that was haunting to view. Jamie Lee Curtis was the only teenager in the original film. The other girls who played the roles of her friends in the movie were at least 20 when the film was made. Even though “Halloween” is a movie that takes place in the fall, filming occurred during the spring months. The film crew had to hunt for pumpkins and decorations to use, and it’s why the trees in the movie are seen with green leaves instead of those that are of typical fall colors. Many of the leaves seen on the ground were painted by the design team to make the atmosphere feel more like Halloween. There are also palm trees in some of the scenes because the movie was filmed in California.