Why all watches in advertisements are set to 10:10?

All watches in advertisements show 10:10. (The time varies between 10:08 to 10:10.) It’s interesting that we can say the same thing about digital watches.

Here are some reasons why exactly this time is chosen:

  • When we look at a watch at 10:10, we see as if the watch is smiling. It is better to have a smiling face, rather than having a crying face when the time is at 8:20. So the form of the hands has a positive effect on the view
  • The hands are nearly symmetrically balanced on the face of the dial at 10:08. And they form the letter “v”, which symbolizes victory.
  • Many say that it is due to Abraham Lincoln died at that time and so the watches are showing 10:10. But some say that, Lincoln is shot at night at around 10:15, and died in the next day morning at around 7:22. So this ain’t the correct the reason.
  • 10 o’clock is the time at which people typically wake up if they are able to sleep in.  10:08 is thus associated with weekend, leisure and relaxation.

So seeing all this, smiling face and victory seems to be a good reason for most watch companies to show 10:10 in watches during their ads.