Did you know where croissants come from?

We all love croissant for its delicious taste, some of us like it served with coffee or filled with meat and cheese. But do you know where this tasty thing comes form? As many of you may think, it’s not actually France, where croissants were invented. But in other European country – Austria. There are two legends, concerning the invention of croissants It was 1683, when Vienna was under the reign of Turks. After trying to conquer the city for several months, Turks, finally, decided to tunnel underneath the walls of the city. Some bakers, who were working in an underground kitchen, heard the sound and alerted the military. The Austrians collapse the tunnel and saved the city. To celebrate their victory, the bakers of Vienna made a pastry in the shape of crescent, resembling the Turkish flag, so that when the Austrians bit into the croissant, they would be symbolically devouring the Turks. Another popular legend tells that that Marie Antoinette(Austrian Princess who married Louis XVI) popularized the croissant in France by requesting the royal bakers replicate her favorite treat from her homeland, Austria. No matter which legend is close to the truth, we’ll love croissants anyway!