The Super Gingerbread Man: What Do You Know About Ginger?

Did you know that ginger is more than just a delicious ingredient? It’s a legitimate superfood. This ancient root has some hidden powers. Here are a few overlooked facts about ginger.

Many Medicinal Properties
Anti-inflammatory properties make ginger a great natural treatment for a wide range of different health issues. Ginger can actually help kill infections. The next time you have a cold, steep some freshly cut ginger in hot water. Aside from boosting your immune system, this ginger tea can break down mucus. Look forward to breathing a lot easier. According to a Danish investigation, raw ginger may also help slow the growth of cancer.

Great for Motion Sickness
For years, ginger has been used to treat motion sickness. Although scientists have yet to figure out why ginger is so effective, its active compounds seem to have a calming effect on the gastrointestinal system. This is one of the reasons why ginger is often recommended for nausea.

Reduces Blood Sugar
People suffering from diabetes can greatly benefit from eating ginger. During a study, participants were given two grams of ginger each day. Most of these diabetics experienced dramatically lower blood sugar levels.