What You May Not Know About America’s Most Popular Energy Booster

For millions of people, drinking coffee is a key aspect of their morning routine. They look forward to getting a quick burst of energy. Despite the popularity of coffee, there are still some things you may not know about this beloved beverage.

Coffee is a Nutritious Fruit
Did you know coffee is a fruit that actually grows from a tree? The inside of these cherry-like fruits contains a unique pit, which is used to make coffee granules. With coffee being a fruit, it’s naturally packed with healthy antioxidants. From diabetes to heart disease, studies have shown coffee can help prevent a wide range of different ailments.

It is Not Brown
Despite the blackish-brown appearance of the coffee you drink, the original color is likely green or yellow. It can also be red. Only when the coffee beans are roasted do they turn brown.

Coffee is Potentially Addictive
Believe it or not, you can become physically addicted to coffee. Over time, your body begins to crave the caffeine. Long-time coffee drinkers who suddenly stop consuming the beverage tend to experience withdraw symptoms. Depressed mood, anxiety, and headaches are just a few of the most common signs a person has become addicted to coffee.

Coffee is Big Business
Coffee is among the biggest commodities in the world. In fact, only crude oil tops coffee. Not even gold is as in demand as coffee. Some estimate it to be worth more than $100 billion worldwide.