When The Government Shuts Down

Since the United States is in the midst of the longest government shutdown that it’s experienced, there are a few interesting facts that one might like to know about what happens during this event and what doesn’t happen. There have been 18 shutdowns since 1976. President Donald Trump now holds the record for the longest one of the most recent leaders of the country. Most shutdowns last for about a week as there is usually some kind of negotiation that takes place to get the government back up and running.

The budget is usually at the center of most shutdowns. Congress members and the President of the United States are unable to reach an agreement, which then causes a shutdown. Defense spending and security are also common reasons for the government to shut down. There have been more shutdowns while Republicans have been in the White House than Democrats. On the other hand, shutdowns with Democrats in control of the White House tend to last longer. Coast Guard members don’t receive a paycheck, and many government workers have to work without receiving a paycheck. Several agencies are also impacted, such as the EPA and the USDA. Tax refunds usually aren’t sent during a shutdown, which is the time of year when most of them take place.