NewsWatch TV and The Effectiveness of Their Review

Is there any such thing as sure-fire technique when it comes to marketing or advertising? Most marketing gurus will tell you there is, but if you’ve ever engaged in a campaign that “just can’t fail” that goes down in Hindenburg flames, then you might start to doubt the certainty of some of these “experts.” The fact of the matter is, there are ways to guarantee robust ROI from a marketing campaign, no matter how elusive that concept may seem. Typically, your chances for success go up if you hire a marketing company with proven results over an extended period of time. Of course, there are other ways to inch closer to a guarantee of success. Unfortunately, that’s not what this article is about. Well, not entirely. I wanted to take a look at mediums for advertising. Specifically, I want to cover TV advertising  as a means to advertise your brand. While most have a basic understanding of how television advertising works, based on their cursory inspection while late-night TV surfing, there’s a company that produces one popular television advertising show which may illuminate the entire field. That show is NewsWatch TV.

The History of NewsWatch TV

 NewsWatch TV, produced by Bridge Communications LLC, first aired 30 years ago and as it was presented then, was a completely different show from its current iteration. The show at that time focused primarily on financial news. While this allowed them to gain some popularity, the field was too niche to allow them to really bust through in a big way. They stuck to this format for a few years before pivoting to a more entertainment-style show with a closer resemblance to the look of the show in 2019. They were able to ride this new plateau of success for a while but as times were changing, they needed to hustle to stay ahead of the ever-bending curve. NewsWatch changed once again in the 2000s as the world entered the era of technology, creating a void in television advertising shows that highlighted this burgeoning industry. It was this shift which really amped up the popularity of the show, allowing them to position themselves as leaders in the television advertising and tech world.

Today, NewsWatch is focused almost entirely on tech reviews (gadgets, services, etc.) with regular segments covering entertainment news. The show airs on both AMC and ION, reaching over 95 million households and appearing in over 200 U.S. TV markets. The ability to reach a national audience with numbers like that places them in a unique position to create a surge in name recognition for clients who otherwise might not have the opportunity to see their brand in front of that large an audience.

A Typical Episode of a Unique Show 

A typical episode of NewsWatch features a variety of segments including reviews of tech gadgets and services, movie and TV reviews and the occasional celebrity interview. An episode will include a review of anywhere between 15 and 20 products. Some of these are paid clients and some are unpaid reviews with an honest take.

Past clients of NewsWatch include such notables as Audi, Ford, Google, Intel and Panasonic. While this is merely a sampling of the large companies that have promoted their brand through NewsWatch TV, there are even more small to medium-sized companies that have worked with NewsWatch directly to promote their brand. This might include, for example, apps that are popular but need that extra push to break into the app charts or products that are currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

As part of the entertainment angle, they see a continuing roster of A-list celebrities booked on the show as part of their promotional tour for whatever new project they’re plugging. Recent celebrities that have appeared on the show include Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Bradley Cooper and Dwayne Johnson.

Using a format that includes tech and app reviews with both paid and unpaid segments, as well as regular celebrity drop-ins, NewsWatch has carved out a unique niche in the television advertising world that is unlike any other show you might find.

This format has proven successful over the years, not just in viewership, though that is enviable unto itself, but also in recognition of their quality work. They’ve received numerous awards including Telly and Videographer awards.

What Services Does NewsWatch Offer Its Clients?

NewsWatch TV is first and foremost a television advertising show that works with clients to promote their brand to an audience who looks to the show for keen insight into the latest and greatest in tech. The client will usually hire NewsWatch to create a promotional segment that highlights the best features of their product, service, website, etc. The segment is typically a minute long but can run upwards of three minutes.

The process is fairly simple and straightforward but also an illuminating look at how a television advertising show comes together. After the client hires NewsWatch, the process begins. They start by interviewing the client to find out exactly what they want to promote and what message they want communicated. The more information the client provides, the closer NewsWatch can get to creating a final video that forwards the exact message of the client.

Once all of this information is ascertained from the client, detailed notes of this interview are handed over to the professional writing staff. These pros get to work drafting a script for the video, making sure to take into account everything the client wants featured as well as key information about the subject matter. Needless to say, the script is written to be engaging and to make the brand pop.

The script is edited until it’s just right. At this point it’s handed to their in-house professional video production team to get cracking on creating the video segment. The team is made up of skilled technicians with decades worth of experience in the art of video production. They work diligently to craft a video by shooting, editing and adding vivid graphics.

The video complete and the edit locked, it is then scheduled for broadcast as a segment as part of a larger episode. The show airs on either AMC or ION to a national audience just as they’re starting their work day, gaining massive exposure for the client. While it should be enough, it doesn’t stop there.

NewsWatch ramps up the promotion by flanking the airing of the show with a social media push to their substantial followers across numerous platforms. This “bonus” is something that separates NewsWatch from its peers. They wield the power of that other major tech advance, the internet, to further drive the client’s brand out to the masses. Again, that should be enough, but there’s still more.  

The video that the company created to air on their show is now the property of the client. They can use the promotional video in any way they choose to market themselves. Clients often use the professionally crafted video on social media, YouTube, their website, etc. 100% ownership allows them to do with it as they wish.

But How Much Will It Cost You? 

When a company other than a Fortune 500 or similarly large conglomerate looks at their marketing budget, they typically aren’t able to factor in booking air time on national television. Until now, this would seem nearly impossible without going into fatal debt.

NewsWatch has worked with a wide variety of companies and, as I stated, the majority are small to medium-sized enterprises. The reason these smaller companies are able to hire a company that can put their show on the air to an audience of millions is because said company has an affordable price point. They are able to offer their services because they eat the broadcast costs which allows them to dramatically lower their fees. This is probably the biggest factor that separates NewsWatch from other television advertising shows.

This just isn’t done in other corners of the television advertising world, but that’s just how NewsWatch operates. They don’t play by arbitrary rules that have been laid down in stale concreate by some immovable deity of television. This is also what has allowed them to emerge as a leader in the sphere.


NewsWatch TV is a new breed of television advertising. In a stale format that hasn’t seen much in the way of updates, it’s refreshing to find a show that breaks the mold and sets new trends. Their unique blend of video production and TV programming, coupled with a volley of social media promotion, has seen smaller companies flock to NewsWatch to get their own piece of the promotional pie without breaking the bank.

The way I look at it, if a company is going to pay for a promotional video from a professional video production company, why not pay the same price and get that video on TV while you’re at it? That’s what NewsWatch offers.