Questions Circulate About Guard In Las Vegas Shooting

There are few people who haven’t heard about the shooting that took place in Las Vegas in October 2017. There are few facts that have been released in recent weeks compared to when the shooting occurred, and some believe that there are reasons behind the media staying quiet about the incident. The security guard who helped officers in the hotel vanished a few days after the shooting. It was later discovered that he went to Mexico to be with his family. However, he was still being questioned by the FBI when he left the country, which is something that is odd. With all of the shots that Stephen Paddock made toward the door of his hotel room, only one injured the guard in the leg. This is another odd note that has been released from the media because it seems like more than one bullet would have hit the guard. A security guard was posted outside of the guard’s home, but he went missing after only a few days on his post. There are also questions about the timeline of events. Supposedly, the guard was shot about five minutes before Paddock started shooting at the crowd. If this is true, then there is a question about why it took officers so long to respond.