Marijuana: Miracle Plant or Problematic Drug?

Marijuana use remains one of today’s most controversial topics. For thousands of years, this ancient plant called pot has been a part of various civilizations. Here are a few little-known facts about marijuana.

There’s Evidence Marijuana Can Kill Cancerous Cells
For decades, scientists have been working feverishly to find a cure for cancer. Marijuana could prove to be a legitimate treatment. According to a study published in Current Oncology, cannabis may prevent the growth of cancerous tumors. While the FDA has yet to approve marijuana as a cancer-fighter, there’s plenty of evidence proving its potential.

Marijuana Dispensaries Are Outnumbering Popular Restaurant Chains
There’s no overlooking the popularity of marijuana. When Colorado first legalized the sale of marijuana during 2012, entrepreneurs immediately started to develop dispensaries. Today, there are now more marijuana dispensaries than McDonald’s locations in Colorado. Sales of marijuana in the state have recently surpassed one billion dollars.

Shakespeare Smoked Marijuana
Many believe smoking marijuana can spark creativity. It was discovered that Shakespeare himself enjoyed marijuana. When his old smoking pipes were tested by scientists, traces of cannabis were found in them. Marijuana may have helped Shakespeare become one of the greatest writers in history.

Chocolate Works Similar to Marijuana
Most people are surprised to learn that chocolate shares many chemical properties with marijuana. These compounds trigger a sense of relaxation. This is one of the reasons why chocolate is often recommended for stress relief.

Marijuana May Curb Opioid Use
As you may know, America is experiencing a severe opioid epidemic. Instead of putting themselves at risk by using these addictive pain medications, people can consider smoking cannabis. In fact, counties that have medical marijuana dispensaries have fewer opioid-related deaths.