Bonati Spine Institute: World-class Leader In Exclusive Spinal Procedures

The Bonati Institute is here to give you the best treatment in your spinal conditions. Although conservative procedures such as medication, chiropractic, physical therapy can treat spinal problems, some extreme cases may need surgery— that is where Bonati spine institute comes in. Located in Florida, in the Tamba Bay area, the facility has the most reputable and world-class surgeons who offer the most effective and advanced back procedures. Led by Dr. Alfred Bonati, who also is the founder of the spine institute.

At Bonati, you will find exclusive spine procedures in various spine problems. Common spine treatments at the facility include but not limited to Prolapsed Disk, Annular Tear, Facet Syndrome, Slipped Disk, failed Back Surgery Syndrome, Spondylosis, and Herniated Disk. If you experience persistent symptoms such as back pain, numbness, body weakness or tingling, and the conservative treatments have failed, then you may consider signing in to Bonati spine Institute for exclusive procedures. Bonati institute has tons of experience in back and neck treatments for more than 35 years. So far, they have conducted over 60,000 effective procures.

It has also been rated the top facility in achieving customer satisfaction, with a 98.75% rate. Their patented highly sophisticated surgical equipment helps in solving thoracic, cervical, and lumbar spine problems. These treatments help minimize the need for spinal infusions. The treatments are necessary since they provide long term treatment to patients with herniated discs, sciatica, spinal stenosis, and failed back surgery syndrome. Besides spine surgery procedures, the facility offers guarantees you the following benefits: quick recovery, where you resume your duties in few days, eliminates the need for open spine surgery or spinal fusions and minimizes the use of stimulators and pain pumps.

Additionally, they avoid patients staying over at the facility and eliminates the need for post-surgical pain therapy with 98.75 percent rate patient satisfaction. Bonati is a leading world-class facility offering various surgical techniques by use of unique and effective was the first surgical facility across the U.S to be permitted to use the laser in spine surgery. Once you visit the Bonati spine institute, the experts will carry out a comprehensive assessment of your symptoms, evaluate your physical conditions, and your general medical history to understand your current medical condition.

You will then have a chance to meet Dr. Bonati or any other facility’s surgical experts to discuss your surgery. The facility surgical experts will extensively evaluate your MRI to analyze the source of the problem. Once they define the pain, they will then plan for tailored surgery arrangements. Bonati spine institute offer patented spine procedures using local anesthesia blended with conscious IV sedation that allows surgeons to with patients while the pain ease. Once the process is complete, you can instantly start therapy, and in a few days, you will resume your usual duties.

Bottom line
If you are experiencing persistent spinal conditions and the conventional conservative treatments have failed, Bonati Spine Institute can help solve all those conditions. Their world-class surgical experts are highly reputable in spine conditions. Eliminate your spine pains in a few days with 98.75% satisfaction at the Spine Institute.